Company Profile

Varakith Textile Factory Co.,Ltd.The knitting mill, Varakith textile Factory Co.,Ltd was established in 1960s.At present the

factory has 80 modern knitting machines for high quality jacquard yarn dyed knit and employs 120 employees. The president

of the company is Mr.Kampol Thanasarakit with Mr.theeradet Thanasarakit serving as vice president and sale manager.

The company currently has two plants ,one plant for yarn dyed knit and another plant for piece dyed knit. Total capacity is

300 tons for yarn dyes knit and 1,350 tons for piece dyed knit per mouth.


Varakith Textile Factory Co., specialized in knitting state-of-the-art,fully fashion fabrics, which need careful monitoring

during the knitting process so the reasonable size and capacity off the factory make possible such monitoring to ensure the

highest quality of fabrics to the garment industry, Also at Varakith textile Factory Co.,Ltd.the high quality collars and cuffs

are made from computerized flat knitting machines. Knitting garment and fabric for export high quality polo shirt, yarn-dye

fabric,jacquard fabric collar, cuff rib ready to make garment. You are welcome to send us your own designs and we will

inform You the minimum quantity and price.